Permitting, Simplified: Fast, Affordable, Hassle-Free.

Permitting, Simplified:
Fast, Affordable, Hassle-Free.

Unnecessary Challenges for Aquiring Permits

Complex Regulations

Navigating city, state, and sometimes federal regulations can be complicated and confusing, increasing the chances of errors or omissions in the application process.

Getting Plans Stamped

Getting your plans in front of Professional Engineer can take time and coordination.

Paperwork Burden

The amount of paperwork and documentation needed for permit applications can be overwhelming, taking up valuable time that could be spent on operations.

Lack of Transparency

It can be difficult to get timely updates on the status of a permit application, adding to the uncertainty and stress of the process.

Regulatory Changes

Keeping up-to-date with constantly changing laws and requirements can be challenging but is crucial for compliance.

Inefficient Communication

Poor or slow communication with the permitting office can lead to misunderstandings and delays.

We get your permits Approved !!
You can feel confident with our services

100% Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise ensures that your applications are complete and compliant, reducing the risk of delays or penalties.

Quick Approval Times

We have established relationships with local government agencies, which helps us expedite the permitting process. Our aim is to get your projects off the ground as quickly as possible.

Engineered Solutions

Our engineers will verify that installation conforms to the manufacture's and city's requirements, then provide the Structural Engineering stamp needed for permitting.

Document Completion and Submission

Send us your job specific documents, we will review, stamp, submit and return your permit to you.

Real-time updates and Full Transparency

Our team is always available to answer any questions or address concerns. We believe in clear, effective communication to eliminate misunderstandings and speed up the process.

Expertise Access

Our team of experts is solely dedicated to engineering and the permitting process.

Focus on What You Do Best

By outsourcing the engineering and permit process to us, your team can focus on sales, customer service and installation.
We act as an extension of your team, handling all things permit-related.

Our Mission Statement and
Commitment to You

At Citron, our mission is to simplify and expedite the
permitting process for foundation repair and solar companies. We understand that obtaining permits can be a time-consuming and complex endeavor.

We will verify that your installation plan conforms to the manufacturer’s and city’s standards and provide a licensed engineer’s stamp. 

With Citron, getting your permits is as easy
and efficient as it should be.

We get your project APPROVED giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on growing your business. Schedule a call now to elevate your business.